What areas do you serve?

We are Taking the Self Out of Self-Storage in the Washington, DC metro area. Check your particular zip code here. We also provide storage services to several local colleges. As it comes to our storage units DC residents admit that we offer high quality service at really competitive prices.

When do you charge a One-Time Service Fee?

Our business model and prices are built around us being a storage company rather than a mover (who would charge you a lot more). The One-Time Service Fee (“Fee”) helps us cover the costs involved with transporting your items in short-term storage situations.  If you end up paying for 3 months of storage with us for each item in your stash, there is no Fee.  If you end up paying for 2 months of storage with us for each item in your stash, your Fee is equal to one month of your rent (for each item).  If you end up paying for 1 month of storage with us for each item in your stash, your Fee is equal to two months of your rent (for each item).

What is the delivery fee for getting my stuff back from storage?

There is a flat $35 fee any time we deliver any or all of your items back to you.  If you store for two months or less, you’ll also pay the One-Time Service Fee mentioned above.  Beyond that, there are no other hidden fees. It’s that simple!

What days are you closed?

We are open every day of the year except New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  We are open on Festivus, but we do like to air our grievances on that day.

What happens if the website is down? How do I get my stash back?

The IT geeks say that our website is up approximately 99.97999999999999% of the time. But if you need us during the 0.0200000000001% down time, contact us via phone or email.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

When does the rent start?

Typically, the rent doesn’t start until the day an item is stored in our storage facility.

  • Our Containers: Keep our containers as long as you need to pack them. However, the rents starts either on the day we pick them up or seven days after we deliver the empty containers to you, whichever comes first.
  • Our Boxes: The rent starts on the day we pick up and store boxes in our warehouse. However, if you don’t store the boxes in our warehouse within seven days after we deliver them, you will incur a one-time charge equal to one month’s rent for each box.
  • Furniture, Custom Items, Your Containers/Boxes: The rent starts on the day we pick up and store these Items in our storage facility.

Do you prorate if I only store for part of a particular month?

Rent is charged on a monthly basis and is not prorated.

Can I lock the containers?

Yes. We lock the containers with a tamper-proof seal.

Is there a weight limit on what I can store in the containers?

The following weight limits will apply: Our Small Container:  40 lbs, Our Medium Container:  55 lbs, Our Large Container:  70 lbs, Our/Your Small Storage Box or Your Container:  35 lbs, Our/Your Large Storage Box or Your Container:  50 lbs, Luggage:  50 lbs. For any items over their respective limit, we may ask you to repack or charge an Overweight Fee equal to one month’s rent for that item.  If we take the overweight item, we may charge the Overweight Fee without notifying you first.

In order to help you stay within the weight limits, we share the following packing suggestions:
1.  Do not put more than a few books in any one box or container.
2.  Pack only pictures and artwork in the picture boxes
3.  Pack only hanging clothes in the wardrobe boxes

What can’t I store in the containers?

Prohibited items include liquids, perishables, explosives, and all illegal substances.  You’ll have to stash your own stash, dude.

Will you pack the boxes and containers for me?

No, our service assumes you have gotten all of your items ready for us to pick up.  Extra charges may apply if your items are not ready when we arrive.  We will wrap large items with moving blankets for safe transport and storage.

Can I store my own boxes and plastic storage containers?

Yes. The only rule is that your boxes and containers must be in good condition and must be able to withstand normal handling and storage.  Choose the “Your Box or Container” that is most similar in size to the item you own.

Can I retrieve individual items from storage?

Yes! With your online account, you can have any individual box, container, furniture item, or Custom Item delivered back to you at any time. Just make sure to use your online account and add a description and/or inventory of every item so that you know which box or container to retrieve when you, for instance, want your winter clothes delivered back to you.

How do I mark my boxes, and how do I know which box or container to have delivered back from storage?

We mark every box and container with a unique tracking number, which is then assigned to your account. Use your online account to upload a description and inventory of each box and container as you pack. Then, using your account, you can have any individual box or container delivered back to you on demand.

What if I have an emergency? How quickly can I get my stuff back?

If you need your stuff back faster than our normal delivery times, contact Customer Service, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you. Premium delivery charges will apply for expedited or after-hours deliveries.

Where is your storage facility?

Our facility serving the Washington, DC metro area is in Arlington, VA.

Can I come to the storage facility?

Yes, but by appointment only.  In order to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ items and to make our insurance company happy, you will not be allowed into the storage area itself, but we can bring your items out to you in our front waiting area.   The $35 Pickup and Delivery Fees will still apply, however. Also, remember that if you need your stuff fast, call us or send us an email, and we’ll do our best to bring it to your home on short notice.

Do you provide insurance?

Just like most mini-storage solutions, you are responsible for insuring your stash.  Usually you can add your stuff to your renter’s or homeowner’s policy, and we recommend that you check with your insurance guy.  Alternatively, CityStash Storage can refer you to our insurance partner, www.MovingInsurance.com, one of the largest providers of self-storage tenant insurance in the United States.  Either way, we advise you to insure your belongings.