Gayle O., San Francisco CA

“Wow – this is the right way to do storage!” 


Gayle O., San Francisco CAYelp, May 2013

Mini Storage in San Francisco and Washington, DC

We make storage easy because we pick up and deliver!

Thinking about renting a mini storage unit?  Don’t forget to rent a truck and bride your friends to help if you want to get all of your items down to their facility.  Or, just use CityStash Storage.  You place an order online, and we’ll come pick up your items from you and take them to our climate-controlled facility.  We’ll even bring you boxes and containers for free if you need them.

You pay rent on a per-item basis.

Therefore, you only pay for the space that you actually use.  If you get something delivered back to you (for example, the one with your winter clothes), then your rent goes down proportionally.  Add more items and your rent scales with it.  You won’t need to move up to a larger storage unit (in which you will inevitably not need all of that space).

We store nearly anything.  Use CityStash Storage!