Gayle O., San Francisco CA

“Wow – this is the right way to do storage!” 


Gayle O., San Francisco CAYelp, May 2013

The Best Storage in Alexandria!

Never visit a storage unit because we do the work.

Until now, using storage has always been a difficult task.  First, you have a find a storage facility with an available unit.  Good luck find a smaller unit in any urban area.  Then you have to find transportation.  Hopefully you’ve got a friend with a truck!  Then you’ve got the arduous task of hauling your own stuff down there.  Doesn’t sound fun?  CityStash can help.  We do all of the pickup and delivery, so you never need to leave your home.

Pay for rent per item. Starts at $2/month.

This is the best part:  we charge rent on a per item basis.  So you are only paying for space you actually use, rather than empty space like you would with a traditional storage unit in Alexandria.